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First place. In the first place an argument. Not one of which is winnable.

I is an archetype but what is what is tyrannical about It?

Architecture and archery have aims in space. They take time in space. Archons have robes and flattery, nothing more. They make a lists of who follows whom on the stage at the podium.

If you want to measure, there's a beginning and an end. A ruler. Mastery means well done. Good job. Excellent! If we bow from humility it is ours, our honor that gives honor. Who said anything about telling me what to do?

Give it up says the Archdeacon to the Deacon says the Cardinal to the Priest lay it down. Only God can fill you up and be your signpost. If You Will rule you will lay down first on that altar. Chill the bone. Lay and wait because what is waited for will come, regardless of feeling a fantasy will enter and take hold, will hold you.

There's nothing wrong with floors and grounds, stonework or foundations. They hold from the bottom and let stand. Or in our case arches. So much precision: intension actual. Crowding in and pulling down they are falling perfectly Up.

God is not an arche, but I is. Master yourself or someone else will and the body count has no top. Only endless pointlessly infinite bottom.

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