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Designing for Intelligence means working from the ground up, thereby eliminating the need to start from nothing.

On the ground are many things that you already love. Things you have chosen and things that happened that otherwise might not have. It is a forest floor.

It is a desk top. And on it are the things you need, positioned there by habit and intention, things that settled into your field of vision as inevitable if not strictly necessary. Extract from these and allow them to have been selected.

Delectable goods are what is necessary and delicious are exactly the ones that you need. They are features of components. They shine. Have resonance. Repeat and suggest what may be outside a field of vision but is not because of finitude, an absolute limit to the surface and the page. Respect is owed to such limits. Working across mortality cuts into your sanity so don't indulge before your time.

Respect the closed book and its covers. Just because the pages are bare does not mean they are blank! Their stories are laced in fibers before words, epic sea travel, iron ringing and hand smashing. Facts in the stores and their factories. Turn it down, the page over the top of the desk and you will see the imprint of the hands that made it. Binding. Respect each one and ask to be forgiven for your debts.

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