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Racism is the monetization of human rights. For whites to buy into whiteness certain contradictions must be established about money and its ability to mediate a transferral of values. Unfairness is enshrined by a doctrine of merit wherein the market is both arbiter of ultimate value and method of satisfying basic human needs. White privilege is the grift of the finance officer selling big rewards to the public when their real clients are up the chain. Cheating is just business.

White privilege, or the wages of whiteness, is established and maintained by citizens collaborating with state and financial interests to push people of color down and outside the category human, establishing a differential benefit for whites. A relatively meager margin ensures loyalty to systemic racism among whites even though racial solidarity and increased equity would result in greater goods including more money. These goods, relinquished as the cost of whiteness, would diminish white privilege (the wages of whiteness) by benefiting everyone.

This everyone is exactly the power of the people and so whites must be snowed into the belief that without whiteness we are nothing. Racial animus is planted and harvested from above because class oppression requires the disablement of natural human empathy. This process is also known as alienation--from family, coworkers and self.

Systematic Racism is a maintenance program for worker exploitation. Wage equity is costly so power elites barter by withdrawing rights and protections from people of color and poor whites. For power elites this is celebrated as frugality.

Diversity, a fantasy of race without racism is a racism reboot. Whether experienced as a foreign threat or a commercial gain, diversity commodifies identity categories for institutional profit and increases buy-in from minority workers without establishing equity. It is yet another currency conversion between human resources and elite profit. The market hides the conversion of human currency into dollars by whitewashing the categories of diversity and advertising them in corporate campaigns and college catalogs.

Color blindness is a pun that runs on sight such that physically evident humans are indecipherable from their negation under the law.

Negation has several basic meanings. In the political sense it means a lack involved in the process of becoming a subject in a society. In a psychological sense it means to withdraw love and need from humans who are untrustworthy, convert that love into hate which is fear and draw it into oneself, a shard in the heart.

Abusers establish complicity through reward and the selective removal of it, carefully grooming for loyalty. Fear of losing such a fragile legitimacy is compensated by greater access and a fantasy of achieving elite status. Justified fear and the fantasy fictiveness of whiteness are enough to prevent class solidarity, but not enough to prevent racial minorities from competing and winning in the market.

Whiteness is loyalty to an abuser's big lie. Negritude is the refusal to identify with the fallout.

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