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Hope is an expectation brought round to a closure, a pinch at the end of a future held open by a wish. Belief is the affective experience of reality closing around it, a wish or fear once it has arrived but before it is an object. Of knowing. The sensation of arrival carries from expectation from time and a future into foundation for presence. I dwell in this place on this ground that is faith, meaning I spread out and down before and behind me holding me up from various abyssal rejections, the fact of time. It is sometimes abyss. And more or less friendly. Faith seeking understanding goes down and all around--hospitality to the precious gift of fear in the face of fact. If there is no holding, no holding up from the sides, the going down and around has no home and finds no home. Aside from searching.

The subject object relation has no independent material status. It is an ontological situation in that the field of experience co-arises with the condition of differentiation. This field is a feature of infancy in human life and can be understood as a complex of inner and outer stimuli organized through the needs and wishes of dependency. Subjects and objects exist only as relations to one another and the field of their emergence. They are imaginal, meaning mental in constitution, and descriptive, meaning relevant only in relations within their common field.

Subjects and objects are not material entities; they do not enjoy independent material existence either metaphysically or theoretically. They are heuristics, theoretical couplings that designate views perspectives or roles in an ongoing material field. When these heuristics take place they are in conversation, by necessity, with other minds. Whether those minds are in solitary reflection or not, the nature of the concepts of subject and object imply a framework, an expectation of a conversation with and among other minds. This is the primary purpose of phenomenology, to imagine a view from elsewhere in the fact of dwelling. Here. And to the extent that transversing the spatial field implies time it bears the imprint of the fact of death in the here that is now.

Existentialism is a phenomenology in that it involves the stretching of spatial sensibility to the extent wherein time is a factor. And a distance past a horizontal imagined access limit becomes an encounter with a vertically constituted essence. An essence is a feature of mind affectively marshaled against the unpredictability of limit and death. It is therefore a fiction and like all fictions has good reason to exist as story, insistence, and evasion. A resistance and manifestation of the fact of limit, the emergence of time into a field of sameness or continuity of space. Going along with fair amounts of predictability, expectation, influence and leftover unchallenged omnipotence stops. In an encounter with time that is death.

A friendly search is a path. An unfriendly search is persecution from unnamed external sides and tops looking back with accusation but they are not what they should have been which is there for you. At the center. Where you live.

Welcome home, calls the abyss, when you live there and know it is housing habilitation and rest. Phenomenology arrives at a destination so long as existence holds. Existentialism is phenomenology when grief work is underway. You can set out when you know you have a home.

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